Our ambition is to offer a user-friendly tool that everyone can enjoy without any SEO or programming skills. But if you want to travel further in the magic world of Content Intelligence, you are on the right page!


The people you want your content to be delivered to. Simply put, they are your target and you want to appeal to them.

Usually, content strategists use Persona to precisely define their Audience.


According to Wikipedia, “Content intelligence is a strategy that uses artificial intelligence systems and software [such as NLP] to process content data into reliable insights about the effectiveness of a business’ content.”

Which definitely makes BETTER CONTENT a Content Intelligence tool!


It represents a concept that the machine understands while browsing a content, such as a person, an organization or a location. Entities are core in NLP and Semantic Web.

BETTER CONTENT helps you identify the Entities – let’s say Topics – you should cover in your content to address your Audience‘s intentions.


Your Audience has one or several purposes in mind while browsing and consuming content on the Internet. They want to satisfy a need. Your content should make them achieve this goal.

That is why the more intentions your content addresses, the better it will perform.


This is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) term which refers to a word that describes your web content best.

Bad news for those who think Keywords instead of Topics: search engines such as Google no longer rely on Keywords to analyze and rank your web content. For several years now, they have been using NLP to really understand your content and make sure it will fit with your Audience’s Intent.


NLP allows machines to “understand” content as humans in order to compute it afterwards to achieve given objectives. NLP is at the cross-road of Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics, it works with Entities and Salience, among other things.

BETTER CONTENT relies on NLP technology to help you create and optimize content. Welcome to the Content Intelligence world!


A Persona is a fictional character which represents a homogeneous group of people that you target as a marketer. It is a subset of your entire Audience that shares the same issues and needs.


Salience indicates the importance or relevance of an Entity in a given text, which is key in NLP – Natural Language Processing to allow machines to understand all the subtleties of a content.

BETTER CONTENT uses state-of-the-art technologies and concepts such as NLP, Entities and Salience to give you insightful recommendations about content creation and optimization.


“A proposed development of the World Wide Web in which data in web pages is structured and tagged in such a way that it can be read directly by computers.”

Simply put, Semantic web makes it easier for machines to understand and compute web content. At BETTER CONTENT, we fully support that vision.


We use the term “Topic” to refer to a specific subject your content should cover to address one of your Audience’s intentions.

Covering several relevant Topics for your audience will help improve your content as it will thus satisfy several of their needs, i.e. bring them more “delight”.

Warning: a Topic is not a Keyword. Check out the Keyword definition to understand the difference, it will rock your world!

BETTER CONTENT is a Content Intelligence tool which helps change makers to have a stronger impact thanks to content