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BETTER CONTENT is a Content Intelligence tool which assists marketers in creating the best-performing content by unveiling their audience’s intents.

Brands and media need high-quality content to stand-out,  i.e. a content that is useful and unique. As several intents may be hidden behind a user’s query, we offer marketers a simple way to address all their audience’s needs.

You can learn more about our philosophy by reading our Blog.

BETTER CONTENT will initially offer 2 main modules:

  1. INSPIRATION: you will get original content ideas around a given topic to build your editorial plan. This will help you cover as many users’ needs as you want around that topic and make sure your content is relevant for your audience.
  2. OPTIMIZATION: you will be able to compare the performance of your piece of content (published or not) VS. the best-in-class content related to a given topic. Our in-house BETTER CONTENT Score will allow you to easily measure your improvements.

Learn more about these features on our Product page.

Our tool is based on the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies onto which we have added Scoring methodologies based on our 30+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Content Strategy and SEO.

Our goal is to make all this complex stuff accessible to anyone willing to craft better content. No skills in SEO or programming are required to use BETTER CONTENT.

No, you need to subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan to use BETTER CONTENT. Our detailed Pricing will be announced upon launch.

But you will be able to try our tool for free to make sure it suits your needs (up to 10 analysis).

We have-been fine-tuning our algorithms and Scoring engine with a dozen Beta-testers since June 2020. We aim at officially launching BETTER CONTENT by the end of 2020.

Feel free to sign-up or to contact us if you are interested in getting an early access to our tool.

BETTER CONTENT is a Content Intelligence tool which helps change makers to have a stronger impact thanks to content