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Content Optimization: how to write for both humans and robots

Want to increase your BETTER CONTENT Score from 10% to 50%?

Our tool is meant to help content marketers write better content. Which means 2 things:
1) content should be relevant and meaningful for humans and
2) content should be easy to understand for robots, otherwise it will not be discoverable through search engines and therefore useless.
This case study will show you in a very practical way how the company Eco-Counter dramatically improved the score of one of their blog articles with the guidance of our Optimization module. Beware: you will be amazed by how slight text modifications can have a huge impact on how robots understand your content.

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Every month, BETTER CONTENT will publish a report about a given Topic. This series of articles will be fed by our Inspiration module. It will allow us not only to share content ideas but also to reflect about some content strategy issues. Today, we start with “Knowledge Graph” and we will see why the best content ideas regarding this Topic cannot be found through a keyword tool.

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Focus on topics and not keywords: the “Pregnancy” case study

We are living in a world full of algorithms. Most of them are trying to personalize our experience. Why? Because there are millions of articles online on the same subjects. Google, Facebook, Pinterest & co try to suggest content based on our browsing history connections, locations, preferences, etc. because users’ behaviors change regularly. In this context, how to set up a content strategy that works? How to reach your audience even if you are a small local entrepreneur helping pregnant women with great products? In this article we are giving some tips about how to beat the competition on the broad topic of “pregnancy”.

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